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Private Lending Equity Loans

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Home equity loans make for versatile borrowing options for people from all walks of life. These types of loans can be used for anything, depending on the terms agreed upon by you and the lender. At a bank, a home equity loan is often used for an approved purchase, like renovations, an addition to the property, or even putting more funds into your RRSP or other retirement account. They could also be used for things like buying an RV, taking a luxury vacation, however it is advisable to not abuse the equity you have built with consumer spending.

Access the Equity in Your Home

Home equity loans can give you the flexibility that you need to get what you want now. If you have good credit and want some extra money at a low rate to do something less traditional like buy an expensive car outright or take a trip find a well-connected mortgage broker to search out a lender for you.

Who Can Benefit from Home Equity Loans?

Sometimes life (or s**t) happens. If your furnace breaks down and you need $5000 to get a new one installed, a home equity loan might be the right solution. The rates and payments on these are much lower than unsecured credit facilities. (the property is the security)

If you have bad credit because of a lapse in work but are back at it again, your mortgage broker can help you find lenders offering private lending home equity loans that will help to get you out of your pickle and put life back on track. 

Qualifying for Your Loan

In order to qualify for a home equity loan, you are going to need to:

  • Have a significant amount of equity in your home (at least 30% of the value)
  • Show proof of income or ability to pay the loan back, just like a normal mortgage application

If you are looking for a home equity loan of any type, consider talking to a mortgage broker about the different options available, including home equity loans from banks and private lenders as well. It is the mortgage brokers job to find you the best deal possible for your situation. Want to find out more? Call today.


Private Lending Home Equity Loans


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